Monday, January 14, 2013

C-130 love

I just have to share this awesome video with you.  It was made by a friend of ours in Brad's squadron and it shows a bit of what the guys have been up to the last year.  My husband seriously has one of the coolest jobs ever.  I'm always jealous of the amazing places they get to go and the cool things they get to see, but I also understand how hard, demanding  and serious his job is.  These guys work super hard, work incredibly long hours, are frequently away from home and I honestly would not be able to do it.  And it's not all fun, as I'm sure he would tell you, aka Afghanistan.  But, he's had incredible experiences and has been able to get a ton of flight hours.  I am so incredibly proud of my amazing husband!  We are coming up to the end of our 3 years here I'll have to ask him to make a list of all the countries he's flown to.  I bet it's huge! 

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Mary said...

What an awesome video!