Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cherry Blossoms

Up north in Okinawa Spring has already sprung!  It's cherry blossom season.  Last weekend we had a gorgeous sunny day and decided to take the journey up North to go check out the beautiful trees. 

Our first stop was Yaedake Park  in Motobu Town.  You could wind you car up the mountain side under a canopy of pink, fluffy flowers. 

 At the top we got out and admired the view and flowers close up.

Our next stop was at the Nakijin Castle Site.  I've been to this castle so many times and I especially love it at cherry blossom time.  The trees here weren't quite out yet, but we still enjoyed a stroll around the old castle site. 

Cherry Blossom ice cream!  I loved it, Brad didn't.

Other than going up to see the trees we had such a chill weekend.  It involved movie marathons and watching all 3 Lord of the Rings movies.  I just love being able to savor these last little bits of quiet and relaxing.  Our little man is on the way and boy-o-boy will our lives be changing.  I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! 

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