Saturday, December 7, 2013


My sweet baby's first Thanksgiving!  The year of firsts is just so special and fun!

Brad's squadron had a Thanksgiving party, so we got to visit him at work, eat yummy food and check out his plane.

Brad's parents took the long drive down from NC to join us for the holiday. We had a great visit and loved having them here with us.

Sure, hes not so little in size 12 month clothes when he's only 5 months old, but he's little to me! 

And just LOOK at this little man.  He's in his first ever tie.  I just loved his fancy Thanksgiving outfit.  

One of my favorite pictures EVER.  Lovelovelove.

Crazy baby obsessed mommy smile.  

Our first family of 3 Thanksgiving.  

My mostly organic homemade apple pie.  Yum.

Mike and Julie with our yummy turkey that I totally bought pre-cooked from Fresh Market. I was assured it was a "happy" turkey from Amish country, PA that had a good life, got to go outside, wasn't fed yucky food and given yucky drugs.  I hate cooking turkey's and would happily eat the sides and no turkey, (maybe because I overcook it and don't do it right?!) but this one was really good.

Our little Thanksgiving table.  And my little turkey baby joining us at the table.

More food than 3 people could ever eat.  Leftovers for days.

Brad and his sweet mom.

Mike introducing Pax to turkey.  He'll have to wait until next year for his first taste.

Proud daddy and his son.  The cute Thanksgiving outfit didn't last until dinner... of course.

We had a wonderful holiday full of yummy food, family and new happy memories.  We are truly blessed with the abundance of good things in our lives.

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Raechel said...

LOVE the picture of Paxton in the tie! OMG.