Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 months!

The big squish is 5 months old!  He learned to roll over from his back to his belly and got 2 bottom teeth all in one week close to his 5 month birthday.   He can roll over from his tummy to his back, but it's takes a big effort and he's only successful occasionally.  He likes to roll over A LOT, so it usually goes like this:  Pax rolls over, gets suck on his belly, he wines and eventually cries, I go roll him back on his back and he immediately rolls over again. Over and over!  He puts everything in his mouth and is a drool machine.  Bath time is still his absolute fav and he's started this disgusting, but adorable thing where he grabs the washcloth and plays with it and sucks on it.  He is great at picking up his toys and is so alert.  He's like a sponge.  It's like you can almost see him absorbing everything.  I am obsessed with his chunky thighs, super soft, fluffy, fuzzy baby bird feather hair, his beautiful blue eyes and his baby hands and feet.... so basically the whole baby package.  He thinks blowing raspberries is hilarious.  He is full of smiles, giggles and is a total joy.  I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to get to spend my days with this incredible little human. 


Mary said...

Can't wait to squeeze him in two weeks!!! :)

Fe Adamsonn said...

What a healthy baby! Baby your so cute!

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