Friday, December 27, 2013

6 months!

Happy half birthday to my big boy!  How these 6 months have gone by so incredibly fast is beyond me.  I seriously can't believe it.  I also can't believe that he is 23.5 lbs and 29.5"! He is in 12-18 month clothes... my SIX month old.  I love every ounce of him.  All the chubby goodness.


 Lets see... he's doing better in the car these days, but needs to be bummed up to a convertible seat very soon.  He is teething again and about to get his top 2 teeth.  Soon I hope. His bottom 2 teeth are super cute and also sharp as razors.  He loves to practice standing up. I love it when he really gets "talking" and we can go back and forth and have a little conversation.  He got a bunch of new toys over the holidays and he loves to play! He is still a great sleeper.  He still loves bath time and is still a super happy dude.  He has yet to have any food.  Still just on the one boob.  He is very interested in food, and likes to sit in his booster seat at the table with us.  He practices chewing and watches our every movement.  I think it's time, but I am just putting it off as long as I can. 

He isn't crawling yet, but we've been working on making him a playroom so the baby gates are in place for whenever he gets moving.  I totally love our new playroom and when it's done I can't wait to share it with you. 

 His legs just kill me.  I could just squeeze, kiss and tickle them all day every day.  Oh wait.  I DO get to do that all day every day.  Best thing ever.

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Mary said...

Such a happy baby! And look at him all sitting up on his own. He'll be crawling any day now. :)