Sunday, March 29, 2015

My 3rd Half Marathon

Brad and I both had been training hard for the Rock n Fly Half Marathon.  It was our second time running this race, we both were in better shape and I just knew we were doing to do awesome.

The morning of the race on March 21, 15 was beautiful and sunny.  Brad and Mike played the national anthem again this year and they did a great job.
At the starting line!

Before the race Brad and I decided to race separately.  My training runs were a bit faster and his knee was bothering him.  But, he was so sweet and ran the first 5 miles with me before we parted ways.  
Pockets full of race necessities like an extra phone battery since mine looses battery fast, my phone because I use it both for my pace and music chews, keys, ID.  Where do people put all their stuff without a stroller?! Thank goodness for all the pockets in these Lululemon pants. 

Crossing that finish line is always such an incredible feeling!  I came around the corner and was so excited to see that big clock reading out a number that meant that all my hard work for months was going to pay off.  I had a 13 minute PR from last year knocking a minute off of each mile time!


I kept an eye out for Brad so I could cheer him on and I ran the last little bit with him so we could cross the finish line together. 
Finish line hug!

I finished in 1.47 and Brad in 2.03.  He also had a huge PR from last year! I'm so proud of both our times. 

Feeling stronger than ever!

108 out of thousands of runners!  And 6th in my division.  Really amazing feeling to make a goal and then crush it! 

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