Monday, February 22, 2010

Healthy(er) Chocolate!

If you are anything like me you love chocolate. And I love anything that makes chocolate a slightly less guilty indulgence. I love this fantastic cafe in Sedona called ChocolaTree. It is 100% organic, live, and vegetarian as well as raw, gluten and processed sugar-free. It is a family run business dedicated to sustainable harvesting and gardening. Everything on their menu is organic, locally grown and/or wild and bioavailable.

Organic, vegan, stone-ground, fair-trade ingredients, all make up the fabulous handmade, raw chocolates. The raw cacao bean is a very nutritious superfood. Chocolate you usually find at your grocery store contains additional ingredients, chemical additives and little (if any) of the nutrition that was once in the raw cacao beans due to the cooking process that destroys much of the enzymes.

I am all kinds of into this type of thing so, I indulged guilt free knowing my treat is not only good for my body, but also for the environment. Win win.

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Kate said...

That's you making your "GOW" face. I love it. My thighs would like some of that chocolate. They are currently being ruined by those damn Reese's hearts you sent me!

I haven't heard the word 'bioavailable' in a while- nice! Sounds like your (and my) kind of town. Minus the swaying chakra hippies (well, I mean, we love those too... in moderation!)