Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain rain go away!

Currently it is snowing/raining in Sedona. Arizona is supposed to be one of the most sunniest states, what the heck?!

Yesterday was cold, rainy and cloudy, but we were able to get out a little bit. Boots and I regularly enjoy going for runs and decided to get some fresh air and stretch our legs a bit. Well, running at about 5,000 feet up gigantic hills made my lungs feel like they were going to explode. Boots and I got up the first hill and started seriously rethinking our great idea to go run. I felt like I was back to square one with my running. My burning lungs were compensated with the beautiful, panoramic views of the snow topped red rock mountains. So worth it! I don't have any desire at this point to run a marathon, but running has always been something I enjoy. I'm looking forward to getting back down to sea level and out of the snow. I'm sure my expanding thighs will appreciate it too.

My father-in-law is a great outdoors man and loves geocaching. We went out for a drive and checked some caches along the way.

We had dinner at a wonderful local place where the chef was also the owner and hugged and talked to us as we came in. We continued to drive up the mountain side to an old copper mining village where the houses clung to the cliff face and the road winded between the sheer drop off on one side and towering mountain side on the other.

Northern Arizona is so incredibly beautiful!


Mary said...

Even in the rain, Sedona is beautiful! I love all your desert and mountain shots. Dinner sounds like it was great -- I love places like that.

Thinkin' of you Sugar!

Aliya said...

Love Arizona. Love.

Kate said...

Beautiful pics Evie! Glad you guys are having fun. Enjoy It!