Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Woods Bathing

The Japanese practice of shinrin yoku or "woods bathing" is a form of preventative and remedial health care and it is believed that the refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere of the woods helps to relieve fatigue and stress. This practice is part of the overall Japanese philosophy of combining nature into every aspect of life to become a part of it.

Until I read that in one of my Japan books little did I know that I practice shinrin yoku and benefit from it almost every day.

Today was ridiculously cold and windy, but to escape "cabin fever" in the hotel room and to support my low, winter time vitamin D levels I went out for a walk camera in hand.

I had my doubts about this base, but it has really grown on me. I love to run, walk and just be outside in general and the area around the BOQ has some beautiful trails and pretty views.

Here you can see the main road on base is lined with trees with a running trail on the side. I like to get off the main road and run through the trees though, this is a picture of my favorite dirt road trail.

I took these pictures back in November. Here is where we've been living:

I love this spot! I love walking through the trees and field to get down to the water. It's very quiet and pretty:

The little sandy beach is a nice place to walk and is covered in pretty shells.

I hope you've enjoyed getting a peak at my current "woods bathing" spots.

P.S. -- I love my Canon PowerShot SD960SI. I seriously upgraded my old Kodak and got it back in November knowing that I didn't want to miss out capturing a memory because the person moved or it was too dark. I know this little camera will serve me well on my travels and adventures!

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Kate said...

Remember all of our wood bathing around the Noland Trail? That place was such an oasis in a sea of ugly. I have such fond memories of us walking around there!