Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lily Festival

My girlfriends and I stopped over to check out the Lily Festival on Ie Island on our way up to Okuma for a girls getaway. We took the expressway up to 58 and followed it to Motobu port where we hopped on a ferry for a quick 30 minute ride over to Ie Island.

Once we arrived we easily hopped on a bus that took us right to Lily Field Park where over a million lilies turned the ground into a sea of white and made the air smell so sweet. These village flowers or trumpet lilies were just stunning.

We had a blast frolicking through the rows taking pictures and even having photographers take some of us.

The highlight for me however had to be the yellow, fluffy, tiny duckling I just fell in love with.

As I held him and hyperventilated with glee I fantasized about putting him in my purse and how my bathtub would be a lovely home for him. Alas, I tore myself away and put it back with it's brothers and sisters. Also in the box were baby chickens (past the chick phase unfortunately) and baby bunnies. This animal area also had baby pigs, geese, a mini horse and it's adorable baby, a goat and her baby, and a neurotic ostrich.

Vendors were selling beautiful sunflowers and lilies, yummy things to eat like ice cream and shaved ice. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day and we enjoyed a cold treat on the walk back to the bus. It was a fantastic day and we still had a bunch of fun times ahead at Okuma. I'll fill you in on the rest of the trip shortly!

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Mary said...

So adorable! Seeing the bunnies made me think of our own little guy. . .