Saturday, May 1, 2010

Super Fun Sumos

Ever since we've arrived in Okinawa there has never been a shortage of fun events and things going on with the Sumo Squadron. I have not made this many friends so quickly since the first week of college. Everyone is super friendly, we are all in the same boat, and I can surely say that I'd be one sad puppy if it wasn't for the fantastic ladies here!

One of my favorite nights here so far was at the Hail and Farewell party. I had a blast!

I got to step into Boots' boots during Jane Wayne Day and got to drive a Humvee, do some of the CFT and learn some self defense, shoot at the virtual range, fly in the simulator, and go to the night vision lab.

*Boots was the sim instructor for the day!

And my friends and I won the prize for the most creative use of our bandanas at the COW party to welcome the new CO's wife. We each wore a letter in SUMOS and wore sumo diapers. :o)


Mary said...

Way to start a new fashion. :) Jane Wayne Day sounds like a superfun time!

lo said...

Love it! who helped you put on your sumo thong?? ;) Jane Wayne day looks like it was a blast! I loove the pink shirts!

Kate said...

Nice thong. Aren't you glad we had all of those makeshift dress-up parties during college? I'll bet you pioneered that sweet get-up. Saucy minx!