Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So much fun in the sun (and the rain)

OKUMA! As I mentioned previously, my girlfriends and I went up north to spend a few days at beautiful Okuma Resort and Recreational Facility. After the Lily Festival we continued driving up north. I really don't mind spending time in the car when I have this to look at the whole time:

This place is on a piece of paradise. You can stay in a tent, cabin, hotel room, suite, or even a private bungalow with your own private beach (Boots and I will have to do this for an anniversary or something). My friends and I rented a couple rooms and while they were pretty basic, the views of the ocean right outside your door made up for any lacking. After we checked in I was so excited to check out the beach and I'm glad I went down because .... well, just look:

The first day we had nice weather and got some great beach time in. We were soaking it up!

Mid day when some clouds rolled in we went out and rented some of these:

We cruised around and stopped off at all the beautiful spots along the way.

Then the sun came back out and we were back on the beach again.

The next day was rainy, so we jumped in the car to explore some of the many fun things the northern part of the island has to offer. We went to Cape Hedo and while I had been there recently, it was cool to see it in the rain with the dramatic grey clouds.

Then we had lunch with the Mad Hatter at the British Wine and Tea Shop. When we walked into the spacious and lofty dining room and asked for a table for 5, he boisterously said "five Yankee doodles, then!" The funny and adorable man who owns this restaurant was so strange and enthusiastic it took me a few minutes to decide if he was endearing or overwhelming. He is from London and is married to a Japanese woman and together they make up amazingly delicious meals and desserts. Between the 5 of us we ordered all of the entrees and desserts on the menu to try them all. And wow, just wow. I had amazing tandoori chicken, but my heart has always been in the desserts. He brought us complimentary truffles that were so rich and melt in your mouth amazing. And my favorite had to be the huge, buttery, hot and fresh scone that will make me drive all the way back up there to have again. Their cute, fluffy black dogs greeted us at the door and amazingly left us alone to eat. I can't imagine my little Sparkle pup (back home with my parents in the States) ever leaving anyone alone when there is food involved. My friend asked John, the owner and chef, if they were cockapoos, he clearly offended announced in his thick English accent that "these are focking pedigree poodles!" We all got a good laugh at that. By the time we left it had felt like we just had dinner at a good friends house.

On the way back to Okuma we stopped at the Okinawan Glass Factory and store to see all of the beautiful glass creations. You can watch them work and then see the finished products in the store for sale. I love glassware, and especially love these beautiful, colorful and still functional art pieces. I need to go back because you can make your own glass there too.

I had a blast with these girls watching movies and playing all kinds of games like dominoes, charades, Apples to Apples, jinga and plenty of others in the evenings. One night we attempted to make a fire for smores. When the logs wouldn't light, we went and got some lighter fluid and that did the trick. This is probably my favorite picture from the trip:


Lauren said...

Feeeeet! Why do Japanese people have so many of those holes to put your face in??? haha I love how you are embracing the culture by throwing up the peace sign in your pics. Looks like so much fun!!!!

mr. pineapple man said...

those bicycles look like so much fun!

Mary and Sean said...

Looks like a great day. I really love that drive north next to the ocean too.

This is one of my favorite markets in OKi: here:

Mary said...

I want one of those carts!