Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shurijo Castle

After we went to the Peace Park, we headed up to Shurijo Castle. Shurijo Castle was the central structure for the Ryukyu Kingdom for 500 years and was the center for politics, foreign affairs and culture. Shurijo was completely destroyed when the southeast end of the island was bombed during WWII in 1945. During the fighting, Japanese forces were fled the castle, and the soldiers were forced to the southern cliffs where most jumped to their deaths rather than surrender. The castle was restored in 1992.

The castle was beautiful in red and gold. There were many beautiful gates in the park and interesting areas to check out. There were dragons all over the place and I found out that is because they symbolized the king.

On our way out I couldn't resist getting dressed up for a picture!


Mary and Sean said...

Fun picture in the Okinawan robe! Be sure to check out Shuri Castle at night one evening. It's really pretty all lit up and they have a fall festival with dance performances

lo said...

OMGGGGGG I love the kimono!!!!!!!! How come B didnt join in on the fun?? I am sure he would have looked lovely in yellow
Kawii Evie San!

shopgirl said...

i love cool. i want one! :-))

Thanks for sharing such cool photos of your trip!

Kate said...

You look great :)

Mary said...

Your sneakers + kimono + your expression = about the best thing ever.