Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's that time again

True Blood time that is! Season 3 just started and I just watched the first episode. Boots is away right now and he very kindly bought me season 2 before he left, which I hadn't seen yet. I had True Blood marathons and fed my school girl crush on Eric by rewinding and re watching scenes with him in it. I loved season 2 and season 3 is off to a great start. I'm not sure who I have to thank for getting me into the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I ripped through those 9 books super fast, they felt like such an indulgence, a guilty pleasure and were when I would spend days at a time just reading reading reading. I recently heard that book 10 is out, but I haven't ordered it yet. I read all the Twilight books, went though withdrawal when I was done, but then I found the Sookie series and then my sister let me borrow the first 3 Ann Rice Vampire Chronicles because she wanted me to read a "real" vampire book. I'm all about it.

I love to read, which is wonderful because I hated it as a kid and my mom used to have to bribe me to read. I love going to the library, which is where I get most of my books. I hardly ever buy them. Most of the books I do own were given to me and were either given to a friend or were put into storage before our move here because of the weight restriction, but three books that are by my bed at all times (no, they aren't vampire books) are: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, suggested to me by my sister who was on her way to Rome. I've read this book so many times to laugh, feel uplifted, and brave. Another is The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. My best friend gave it to me on my birthday 4 years ago, wrote in the inside cover and marked her favorite parts throughout the book making it one of my treasures. It is coffee stained, worn, and well read. It means something different to me every time I read it. And The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Gibran's book was my Mom's, she got it on her birthday in 1967, and she gave it to me right before I left for Japan and it has traveled with me everywhere ever since. I love the frayed and worn book cover and yellowing pages almost as much as the words on them. It is small enough to tuck inside my purse and just knowing that it is there close to my heart makes me feel closer to my family, safe and calm. I like having it there to always bring me back to center, to remind me of the importance of family, love and kindness. My dad read "On Marriage" from this book at our wedding ceremony and my Mom put a little dried rose between the "On Love" pages years ago.

I love having 3 books on stand by that I know I can count on, but I'm always looking for book suggestions, so let me know what your favorite is!

And... because I can't resist. Team Eric or team Bill? Team Edward or team Jacob? HA! Love it.


lo said...

EVE i have your blog on my RSS feed and when this popped up I was like..MUST CLICK AND READ IMMEDIATELY.

I was thinking about you on Sunday night and was hoping you would be able to watch in Japan! Thank god!! I am still reading the books and I loooove them!!!

Trueblood is way way way better then Twilight..x1000!

Team Eric ALL the way he is one piece of hott hott piece of man candy, I cant tell if I watch the show for the plot or all the shirtless action on the men ;)

DID YOU SEE HIS BOTTOM in the first episode? HELLO!

As for Edward or Jacob...team neither, they both are both way to sensitive, although I wouldnt mind a man that sparkled;)

Great post hunney I didnt know about the connection to your Dad reading On Marriage how sweet!

Kate said...

#1: Let the record state that I am responsible for introducing you to the Sookie Stackhouse books (and really, who else could it have been?).

#2: I literally JUST finished book #10. I bought it for both of us. It is going in the mail tomorrow and will arrive in your mailbox very shortly.

#3: It makes me happy to think that a book can help to make us feel closer to each other. :)

#4: Team Bill, because I'm a sucker for the Civil War and I like the accent, and Team Jacob (or, to be more accurate, team Taylor Lautner).

Mary said...

I've got a new one for you, I think. "Beyond the Sky and the Earth" by Jamie Zeppa. It's a memoir of her time teaching in remote Bhutan; there was an excerpt in the "A Woman Alone" book you got me last year. I just started it -- I'll let you know how it is. :) Loved the excerpt so I think chances are good.

I also just bought (and read) "Shit my Dad Says" for our very own Dad on Father's Day. Hardly literature but HILARIOUS. Look him up online. :)

tootie said...

Have you read any Nicholas Sparks books? I'm usually not into romance, but those always have a good story.

And a great book I read this year was "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society." Don't let the weird title fool you - it was a wonderful read! :)

Hope said...

Team Eric! Big, your books are my top favorite books! I have highlighted all through Eat Pray Love, and beaten up my copy of The Time Traveler's Wife! I liked a book I read recently titled "The Book Thief". Very good! Miss you!!