Sunday, June 6, 2010

Playing in the Rain

This past weekend we didn't let the rainy weather stop us from having a lot of fun up at Okuma. We met our friends up there and spent the day kayaking, jet skiing and checking out some tourist spots up north.

We rented clear bottom kayaks, and our friends got a double. The water was murky from the rain and so the clear bottoms ended up not being as cool as they could have been. The water was also kinda rough from the wind and weather, so we were told to stay in one area. Still very fun!

This is one of the most ridiculous videos ever. It was my first time on a jet ski and my husband did not hold back. I was pretty scared going so fast! So, I'm being a big baby in the video. He totally threw me off. The video is the wrong direction, has my finger in it, but you get to see me wipe out and give me a break, it was really hard to try and take video and hold on! I think it's pretty funny.

After we finished playing in the water we grabbed a couple beers and a bite to eat at a bar and restaurant called Bar 1080. It had a lot of character, mostly on the weird side. Food was good though. We got tacos and pizzas.

We were hoping to do a waterfall hike that's near Okuma, but when we got there it was already closed. So we settled on going for pineapple ice cream at the nearby Pineapple Park. I had been hearing about how awesome this ice cream is and I was excited to finally get some. It was delish and lived up to it's reputation. We walked around a bit and did a pineapple wine tasting. Next door was Tropical Kingdom, but it was already closed too, so we'll have to come back for that one.

I saw this at the Pineapple Park store. Pigs head anyone? Even with the sunglasses... ewww. I'll pass, thanks.


lo said...

AHAHAH I just watched that video five times and giggled!
That does not sound like happy shrieking!! Love that B pushes your limits and still love love that dress you are wearing in the pics (think you got it for your 21st bday?)

Eve said...

Haha I was really scared! I told him not to throw me off, but he did. Meanie! Yes, that is still my staple beach dress ... for 5 years running. Eek, it's getting old and so am I!

Mary said...

LOL -- that video is *awesome!* Better not let Mom see that though, she'd freak out over her little girl! :D

I love how so many of your posts include closeup pictures of all the gorgeous flowers. You make Okinawa look like paradise. Not to be a broken record here, but every time I read one of your posts it makes me want to visit more and more!

Jessica said...

um...that video is fabulous!!! jet-skiing sounds like so much fun :) i'm impressed you were able to hang on to both (at least for awhile) ;)