Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty Funny

Before I start in on another huge post and tell you about our time in Osaka I want to share with you all how beautiful it was touring Osaka and Kyoto, but also how funny it was at times.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend anyone, I'm not making fun of the Japanese! I find the Japanese completely endearing and it is so kind of them to make an effort to use English in their country.

That being said... I'll do the funny part:

Hair salon "Price Rist"

We saw this daisy dukes muscle man all over and it totally cracked me up.

"Pooh's? ... Cafe" Ron Burgundy?

awww "photoes" it is how it sounds.

"Irish COW Bomb" We cracked up over this for way longer than we probably would have if drinks weren't involved.

Another interesting combination of English.

This guy had to be my favorite. We were on the subway. It's a double whammy: his hat says "unemployed" and his shirt says "God Bless Tenderloin."

So, now onto the pretty part of this post. Japan is beautiful. It's not just the ancient architecture, people passing by in kimonos, Zen gardens and the clean, manicured cities. There are pretty flowers everywhere!

I LOVE Japan!


lo said...


If i come visit can we go out for irish cowbombs?

shopgirl said...

This is funny....misuse of English happens a lot over the world, including here in Italy. Most of the clothes have words or statements written on them in English and often times, no one knows exactly what they mean.

Keith said...

That is great. We found the Chinglish in China to be hilarious. It was always making us smile and now that we are in Australia we miss it.

It was great meeting you in Osaka and we look forward to following your blog too.