Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Time is just zipping by at an astronomical rate it seems. This week I turned 26. This year felt like an exceptional, and extra special birthday. It felt like we celebrated all month long, and well, we basically did. I was showered with love as cards and presents from family rolled in all month long. I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have friends and family that value me and love me so much.

Last weekend I had our friends over for a birthday party and it was the first time I threw a party in this apartment. It was fun, I love being a hostess and basically I adore my wonderful friends here on the island. We did the whole birthday party deal with food and drinks and birthday cake. My friend made me a pineapple coconut birthday cake that was delish. My friends brought me flowers and presents, so I got to open presents and we talked and ate and had a good 'ol time. I hadn't had a birthday party in years, so I'm glad I did it!
Flowers and balloons from Boots

Girls picture

Do you like my dress?? I LOVE it. You know how Boots brought me back almond champagne for me from San Diego, well he also brought me home a new dress and shoes. I cried when I opened it. I love BGBG dresses, he bought me my first one right before our wedding and I wore it to our rehearsal dinner and he also bought me hot pink shoes to match it. My husband knows me so well, knows what I like and what size I wear in BCBG dresses, so he was right on target with this little number. The dress has a tutu type thing under the skirt, so it poofs out like I'm spinning all the time. It also has pockets, and I just love pocket dresses. The dress in the link above does not look poofy enough or short enough for the actual dress, but then again that model probably doesn't have what I have in the big bootay department. The shoes are magical, I have never owned BGBG shoes, but these do not hurt my feet at all, totally amazing. I love them and the sexy little wrap around the ankle deal. Aaaaaand I love my husband.

On my actual birthday on June 30th I went to work and went for a little, fun birthday ride.

That night Boots made us reservations at a restaurant I had been wanting to try called Transit. It is located on the seawall next to the ocean.

We ate outside and I loved hearing the sound of the waves. This place had a comfortable, loungy feel, an extensive menu, and excellent service. I enjoyed a Mai Thai with fruity and flowery garnishes that reminded me of Hawaii. We ordered cheese fondue with veggies, chicken and bread to dip in and a big, fresh salad. Boots got a beef, potatoes and veggies dish that I didn't get a picture of. We split a french toast dessert with ice cream and fruit to top it all off. It was the best meal I've had here!

It was such a wonderful birthday!


tootie said...

Happy (belated) birthday!! What a fun celebration!

Julie said...

I know it must have been wonderful. What a great spread, and I adore the dress! Happy birthday!