Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hiji Falls

We recently had a great time hiking to Hiji Falls. I've heard the hike was challenging from some people, then again my pregnant friend hiked it with no problem, so I was excited to try it out myself. When we got to the park we met a couple that said they turned around before they even got to the falls because it was too much, but we went in confident with our Camelback and cameras that we'd be ok. It was a hot, cloudy day with about a million percent humidity, a kind of day where you feel soaking wet as soon as you go outside. The both of us hit the trail at our normal fast pace, we tend to hike more like at someone elses jogging pace. (My sister knows all about this, and how I'm not allowed to lead on a hike because I tend to run.) Don't get me wrong, I love to take it all in and enjoy the sights and sounds. One of my favorite parts of the trail was the suspension bridge. The trail started out like a breeze, but quickly Incorporated an increasing amount of steep, uphill staircases that left us panting. It was so incredibly hot and humid, so we were quickly drenched.

We got to the falls in a half an hour just as it started raining. It was a beautiful sight and the rain was a welcomed cool off.

The hike back was a lot quicker because it was a lot more downhill stairs involved and we weren't stopping as often for me to take pictures. We did stop off in the river right off of the trial to cool off. The water was nice and cold and we were loving it.

Then, right close to our feet on the bank I notices something wriggling and realized it was a small snake. I pointed and yelled out so everyone would know it was there. A Japanese man confirmed that it was a small Habu snake, the very poisonous snake common in Okinawa. There were signs all over the trail that it's Habu season and to watch out, so I'm glad we didn't end the day with a snake bite.


lo said...

So cool eve, I am so glad you do all this adventurous stuff and take pictures so I feel no need too :)
Also how do you manage to look good hiking? ugh.

New Girl on Post said...

Love the photos and your blog. My husband and I would love to be stationed in Japan, but I don't see that happening. Guess I'll have to experience it through your blog. :)

Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Oooh, very cool nature post, Eve! I didn't know about the Habu snake. Sounds like a beautiful hike.

Julie said...

Oh boy, signs everywhere! I don't remember getting that memo. I just hoped to never run into one! What a beautiful place to hike and be in nature!