Sunday, July 4, 2010

White Beach

I'd like to tell you our visit to White Beach. These pictures speak for themselves, but really don't capture the 360 degrees of beauty that surrounds this picturesque spot. It was a perfect, warm, sunny day with puffy white clouds in the sky and we wanted a day at the beach. We got there, with our beach chairs and normal beach gear in tow, but quickly saw that instead of camping out in the sand we wanted to explore the shallow tidal pools left by the low tide. We climbed out into the low water that was like bath water from baking in the sun and it was like snorkeling or being at the aquarium. The clear, shallow water had an array of life from fish, urchins, crabs and ... you name it.

We saw some huge, black sea cucumbers that really look kind of icky, but are less alarming because they don't move at all.

We walked out to a small island and explored around and found a beautiful sandy beach and not a person in sight. We spread out our towel and unwinded in the quiet private beach setting most people would fly thousands of miles and pay enormous amounts to enjoy. We felt pretty lucky and were just soaking it in. Boots zonked out and took a snooze, but I wanted to explore some more.

I walked all around the little island, never saw another person and got to enjoy these beautiful sights undisturbed and totally alone. It felt wonderful!

We finished off the day at the sandy beach part of White Beach and with a dip in the beach side pool. It was a wonderful, relaxing and vitamin D filled day!


lo said...

adorable! dont know which is prettier! you or the beach

Julie said...

What a vision! I remember this beach. Not sure if we had a pool though. You guys are sure taking advantage of what Okinawa has to offer.