Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swimming with the Fishies

I had one of my favorite days in Okinawa when we went snorkeling at Maeda Point. Maeda Point is a popular dive site and the water was full of colorful tropical fish and other people enjoying the ocean.
We swam around and even swam into a cave. I wish my pictures had turned out better, but it was too dark inside the cave. We saw some huge black fish in there! We swam over to another cave area and got out to explore and climb on the rocks. You can see we were all wearing black booties, it's far from a fashion statement, everyone wears them and it's to protect our feet from the sharp rocks. I could have stayed out there all day. I can't wait to go again! Check out this video and the pictures below:

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lo said...

SO COOL Evie!!!You are so brave! LOVE the pink scuba gear:)