Monday, August 30, 2010

Batten Down the Hatches

My YYY posts and everything else currently in my life are being interrupted by Typhoon Kompasu. The CAT 3 typhoon should reach Okinawa by around 3pm today and winds of about 135 mph are expected. I'm not one of those people who genuinely enjoy dramatic weather such as tsunamis, tornadoes or hurricanes. I get nervous and anxiety ridden, but I know there is nothing I can do to prevent the weather. I'm pretty calm this time around. In TX when Ike was coming through since we were living on the barrier island I totally flipped out, documented all our belongings, made us evacuate, brought all my favorite belongings with us in the car... yes I overreacted (poor Galveston was hit instead of Corpus Christi).

Here on Okinawa there really isn't any place to go... so I've bought a few provisions like bottled water and a big flash light and rum. Lessons were canceled today at the barn, I'm worried about my horsies and the animals, but the Japanese instructor said he would be there to look after everything.

Brad went on a flight last week and was supposed to come back this Monday, but since the storm was coming he had to stay and keep the plane out of harms way. The planes have been evacuated, so a lot of the husbands have to leave their families here to weather the storm without them. I'll be spending the typhoon with my girlfriends and drinking that rum I mentioned earlier.


Mary said...

I think your supply list rocks. Glad everything turned out fine and you got to have a genuine Hurricane Party. :)

Julie said...

Excellent Eve. I knew it would all pan out. Some of those typhoons were very uneventful. Love that you hung out with the girls. Great way to spend the evening through a typhoon!