Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Escape

Recently we decided to take a weekend and go to the YYY Resort on Ie Island. We both have been working really hard and felt like we needed a little break to relax and reconnect. So, we booked our two nights stay, packed a small bag with bathing suits and sun screen and took a short half hour ferry ride from Okinawa over to Ie Island.

Motobu Port, Okinawa Enjoying our ferry ride Ie Island Port
When we arrived at the port a person from the hotel was holding a card saying YYY Resort and he quickly took our bags and loaded us into our private shuttle. Not a bad way to start off. We arrived early and didn't think we would be able to check in, but they said it was no problem and let us go up to our room.

In the shuttle going to the resort
Front entrance
Our room with the little twin beds
Little Japanese bathroom
The balcony and the beautiful view

Figuring out the Japanese electronics
I LOVE it here!

We spent the majority of the rest of the day in or by the pool. We got lunch and enjoyed it poolside and then I got on a hotel provided raft and floated around the pool.

View of the hotel restaurant
"For Your Happy Time"

Shrimp sandwiches and Orion poolside

I'm so happy here

We went down to the beach and it had such a secluded, private feel. So quiet and relaxing.

There were hermit crabs all over!
Thank you hubby

We decided to grab our snorkel stuff and give it a try. The water was a bit murky and the current was a little strong, but we did see some cool fish and coral.
A giant hermit crab

We got cleaned up and enjoyed watching the sunset on the balcony as we drank champagne.

We had dinner at the resort and it was delicious. It included an appetizer, soup, salad, bread, the main meal, dessert and coffee or tea.

Mini lasagnas as an appatizer

Salmon topped with shrimp and cheese with greens and delish creamy sauce
Cheesecake and fruit for dessert
I love the pretty china they use

Just an amazing first day! We did a lot the next day, so stay tuned for the rest of our time on Ie Island.

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Mary said...

You two definitely stumbled on a litte gem here! Champagne in the tiny Japenese teacups is too cute. Put Ie on the list for when I come to visit!