Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Couldn't Be Happier

Lately I have been incredibly busy at the barn. It has taken some adjusting to get used to juggling all of the responsibilities at work and at home. Things at the barn were, and are, a mess and I'm trying to get a handle on getting the horses back into better heath and riding condition, and get the barn organized and cleaned up. I can't handle things being unorganized. I find myself going through every nook and cranny of the barn, opening up every box, finding things that haven't seen the light of day in years. This week has been especially productive: all the horses were fitted to a saddle (finally, not sure why this hadn't already been done), I got the years worth of dewormer in the mail that I ordered for the horses so they can get on a good deworming schedule, and I've started the daunting task of planning the Fall Show on Oct. 9th as well as all of the clinics and events leading up to the show. And, if I wasn't busy enough, I've also decided to organize a Halloween Fun Day at the barn and I want everyone to dress up and dress the horses up too and we'll play games on horseback and of course eat lots of Halloween candy. It's all a work in progress and I know I can't expect to see results overnight. I've hired another instructor recently who has helped enormously. I am so happy she's joined the Mihara team and I know we will be very good friends.

Last Sunday we both took a break from all the work and had some fun! It was a quiet afternoon at the barn so we tacked up Makoto and a cute pony named Sly. We had a blast riding and laughing at the horses or ourselves. We set up a couple of lil jumps and had fun going over those. I love these horses enormously.

Me loving on Makoto before our ride
Warm upMadie and Sly

Beautiful Makoto
Madie jumping the adorable pony
My favorite pic of the day

It has been SO HOT here. I've heard the summers are bad, I'm already looking forward to things cooling down for fall. September is my favorite month in the States, so I hope it's nice here too. Anyways, after our fun in the arena we decided to walk bareback down to the beach to cool off. It was Sunday and people were down at the little beach and we felt like celebrities with Japanese and Americans wanting to talk to us and pet the horses. It was very low tide, so we walked out for forever and still the horses were barely up to their knees in water, so we didn't get to cool off and as much as we wanted to, but it was still beautiful and so much fun!

I seriously love my job! Loving life.


Anonymous said...

It is hot here until November. It becomes tolerable again in late October.

Mary said...

You look amazing jumping that pretty horse. :)

Just a question because I have the mind of a sever-year-old. . .what do you do if the horses poop on the beach?