Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sushi and Pancakes

This weekend we were craving sushi and I decided to take Boots over to a restaurant called Su-Su-Soon located near the Kadena gate off of 58. I went once with my girlfriends, but I knew he would love this cute and delish sushi and pancake place. Yes, sushi and pancakes are the main things on the menu. I just love Japan.

Like many places in Okinawa parking is very limited so we squeezed our little car into the parking lot, knowing it is totally ok that we double parked. Also like many Japanese businesses this place doesn't look like much from the outside.

Inside the door we took off our shoes and put them into the little cubby boxes and slipped on the slippers they provided.

The menu was quite expansive and varied from the lunch menu I had seen previously. We ordered an Orion beer, edamame, a Korean vegetable soup and three sushi rolls.

Our favorite was the Rock 'n Roll: yellow tail tempura, green onion and roe.
We also loved the New York: salmon, cream cheese, onion, caper, and lemon.

I, of course, had to order my usual boring California Roll, but even it was very fresh and delish.
We loved our dinner and next time we'll have to try the pancakes!

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Mary said...

What a cute place! That sushi looks gooood. . .