Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hiking Some History

Mmmmmk I really need to finish my posts about our time at YYY already. Geez. I'm slacking.

Ok, so while we were out biking around the island we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out Mt. Gusuku. Well, I couldn't. Brad said he could take it or leave it due to us already being totally sunburned from the day before and already soaked in sweat in the ridiculously hot and humid tropical heat, but I wanted to climb it and so we did. Mt. Gusuku is a popular site and rises 172 meters high. For the Japanese, the mountain is a place to pray for safe navigation, health and harvest. The island received a battering during WWII and the area has a lot of history.

The walk isn't very long thank goodness, because it is pretty much stairs that go straight up.

View from the beginning of the trail

We got to the top and were rewarded with a 360-degree panorama views of the island and the ocean. We sat, rested and took it all in. And then Brad said he was glad we had done it. I was glad too! Quite worth it.

Brad about to reach the top
Made it, enjoying the view

Video from the top of Mt. Gusuku:

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Mary said...

You don't look sunburned at all! You do sound a little out of breath during that video though. :) Breathtaking as always, my dear!