Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween with the Horses

This Halloween I decided it would be really fun to throw a party at the barn. The kids signed up for horses and I gave them free rein to dress them up however they wanted. I have been planning this Halloween party since August, so it was really fun to finally have it all come together. We did a costume contest and parade, horseback riding games, bobbing for apples, pumpkin decorating and of course a bunch of Halloween candy and treats were involved.

The barn decorated for Halloween:

Costume contest and parade:

Ribbon Race
Egg and Spoon

Carrot Temptation


Musical Stalls

Upstairs deck with lots of Halloween goodies:
Pumpkin decorating table:

Bobbing for apples:

I hope everyone had a very happy Halloween!


Kate said...

These kids must be in LOVE with you! I am jealous that I didn't get to attend this - we used to have pony dress-up days at camp and they were always a lot of fun. I'm glad it went off so well, everyone looks like they had a blast!

Julie said...

Absolutely a wonderful event for you and the kids. My favorite is the blue dress atop the unicorn. All so creative. What a perfect outlet for all that amazing stuff you have in your heart and head to share! Glad it was such a success.