Saturday, May 16, 2015

DC Trip - Part 2

The day after the shower was Mother's Day and I was so happy to be home to celebrate with my mommy. Since the day before was so busy we kept things very relaxing and low key.  We ate party leftovers, I did yoga, I took a nap and in the afternoon we went to the park to play and feed the ducks.

My beautiful Mommy.

Visiting the baby duck family again!

Before Brad left he gave me a really nice bottle of French red and the most yummy dark chocolate.  We all enjoyed it by the fire that night and it was the perfect ending to a relaxing day.

More running! I did a long run, a lot of it on trails, a lot of it was hilly and it was super challenging! But, so beautiful.  I loved it so much.
The best running buddy ever.

During nap time I got to go use a gift certificate I got from my parents back at Christmas to get my nails done.  Coconut milk coffee and getting my feet and legs rubbed down after my long run was divine.  Why don't I do this more often!? It had seriously been like an entire year since I went last.

Um. Has anyone seen my baby?! Look at that little boy!

This child of mine.  How did I ever exist without him? A big, giant hug around the legs is the cure for anything I'm pretty sure.

Paxton's first traffic accident. 

I was super excited to get to be home to see these beauties blooming! Paxton wanted to help Grandma pick the first peonies.

One of the best things about being home is getting to see old friends, getting together and it's like no time has passed! Except now our conversations involve home improvement and parenting problems, of course!

All the running. All the beautiful trees, fresh Springtime air and easy, breezy, happy miles.
Pax and I both really loved playing at this park!

More soaking up the outdoors with a walk and park playtime with our friend and her pup!

My wonderful parents.  There really is just no place like home!

So thankful for all the time I got to spend with my amazing friends and family.  Being home is always like recharging my batteries.  Somehow being home brings me back to being myself.  Reconnects me to what's important and what I value most.  It helps me reevaluate and gain perspective on my life.  It was a wonderful trip and over way too quickly.  Until next time.

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