Friday, May 8, 2015

The llama visit

I love llamas.  There is something about these freaking adorable and weird looking animals that makes me squee with glee. When my friend told me about a farm near my parents house with animals including a LLAMA I couldn't wait to go.  It's always amazing to me that 30 minutes from my parents house you can be in the bustling city and then 30 minutes the other direction and you are in the country.
We met up with my friend and her 2 kiddos at Cox Farms and this place was so cute and so much fun. They had all these adorable playground areas shaped like boats, trains and the like. There was even a tractor to climb on.
Babies and adorable animals might be my most favorite thing on the planet.

And there he is.  In all his majestic glory.
This llama wasn't friendly, did not like attention and would turn his butt to you.  But if you ignored him he would come near.
Me (and my massive arm. WHAT THE?!), Pax and that stinkin' cute llama.
Paxton loved feeding the goats!

I love these sweet babies.  When my friend and I were in college, doing beer bongs and other college mandatory activities I'm sure this day was not on our minds and 30 seemed really impossibly far away.  But, it's like college was over in the blink of an eye and now these tiny humans are here walking around and saying things.  Totally blows my mind.  Time, slow down please!

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