Friday, May 8, 2015

Trip to DC - Part 1

Our trip home to visit my parents and friends in Northern Virginia went a little something like this:
Paxton was flying as my lap "infant" for the very last time since he turns 2 next month.  A lady near us traded seats with me so that I could have a seat with an empty seat next to me, perfect for this squirmy, wiggly, big boy.  He was a dream on the flight.  Such a good boy.  It was a total breeze!
At home my mom was out of town, so Pax enjoyed getting Grandpa all to himself!

Springtime anywhere is fabulous, but at home I think it's the prettiest time ever (except for maybe September). The wisteria was blooming and was just the most spectacular and beautiful thing.

We spent a lot of time outside adventuring around the back yard and taking walks down the street.

I also brought my BOB this time, so we did a lot of stroller running! These runs were some of my happiest I can remember.  Running through the trees with a huge smile on my face.  There is something so relaxing, reassuring and comfortable about being in the place you grew up.

These woods are everything.
Really got to try out the BOB's all terrain capabilities! Did not disappoint.

A fire, wine, cheese and total relaxation!
BABY GEESE! Total heart explosion every single time I got to see this adorable family on my run.  Which was often.
My wonderful friend came over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some homemade margs.

I took this one glorious morning when Pax slept in and I got to enjoy my breakfast under the wisteria.

A wonderful afternoon with my friend walking in the woods, doing handstands, building fairy houses and eating pizza!

Paxton saying "HELLO!" on dual remotes with no pants on.

Baby-man bun!

Paxton was spoiled rotten with all the love and attention from Grandma and Grandpa!

I'm telling you.  This duck family.  In love.

On Friday night Brad flew a cross country flight with a student up to Manassas and Pax and I went to go pick him up.  There happened to be a small air show at the Manassas airport, so we stopped to have a look.

I love him. 

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