Saturday, December 4, 2010

Enormous Cuteness

So tonight I gave Gojou his first bath. He is quilling, which is the equivalent of infants teething, and online I read that warm baths might make him feel better. He wasn't a huge fan of the bath, but hedgehogs generally enjoy swimming, so I'm going to keep getting him used to it. And he is not very good at keeping himself clean, so I see weekly baths in his future. I am so in love with this lil guy. Really obsessed and totally happy to sit and stare at him for long periods of time and am thrilled to have him sleeping in my pocket for hours as I do my thing around the house. It makes a huge difference for me to have this lil life to keep me company while Brad's gone. I was getting a bit lonely writing my Christmas cards alone in the quiet apartment and so out came Gojou to make me laugh and warm my heart.

So, here is the video from his first bath. Don't mind my outfit of embarrassing slippers, old sweatshirt and husbands green silkies ... I was not the star to this show. Just focus on Gojou and his enormous cuteness... well enormous cutness until he poops in his bath. Gojou is just like any other baby and does a lot of sleeping and pooping.

After I turned my camera off I did use a tiny bit of puppy shampoo to clean him. I was worried he'd freak out because of the smell because he is so sensitive to smells and new things. Either he was too freaked out about the water to care, or he didn't mind the soap. Afterwards he got all snuggled up in a towel and he is now sound asleep in my pocket, nice and warm.

Ok, well if that wasn't enough for you here are some of the plethera of pictures I've taken of my lil lovey. It's so hard to pick favorites, but these are a few that make my heart melt.

Gojou and I are off to bed. Sweet dreams!


Skinnie Piggie said...

So cute! He reminds me of our guinea pigs... Twix always poops in the bath. It's so funny how little animals can bring so much joy! It's so nice to have them when hubs is gone =)

Adrienne said...

I am living vicariously through you! Hehhe. Husband and I were thinking of getting a hedgehog here in South Korea. But decided against it, in case we couldn't bring it back to where ever we were going next. Ya know?

He is totally cute! I love the pictures of him in the Christmasy coffee mug!! Too cute!

Mary Rogers said...

You are such a good Mom! I loved how he kept climbing into your hand. Keep the Gogou vids coming. :)