Sunday, December 12, 2010

Salt - Good for your health?

A few weeks ago Brad and I set out to explore some of the surrounding islands. To get to most of the islands you have to take a ferry, but for a couple of the closer ones you can take bridges. We took the bridge over to Miyagi Island, a small island of mostly farmers and fisherman with a population of 800.

We were driving around and stumbled upon the Salt Factory. The Salt Factory is open for visitors and you can view the factory portion where the salt is produced. There is also a restaurant and gift shop. The salt here, called Nuchi-masu, is made from the Okinawan Pacific Ocean water, is free of additives and artificial ingredients. This salt is different in that it claims to be beneficial to your health because it has 25% less NaCl and has 21 types of minerals including magnesium in which people tend to be deficient and potassium which helps to remove NaCl from the body. Nuchi-masu has 200 times the amount of Magnesium and 10 times the amount of potassium. Therefore, they say that this salt helps your body remain balanced.

Research shows that this salt does not accumulate in the body, the magnesium in the salt helps protect blood vessels and in a taste test of 12 types of salt Nuchi-masu tasted the best.

We got ourselves some of this amazing salt and some fancy salt cookies as well. We also bought a little cup of delish salt gelato and ate it on the upstairs deck with an amazing view of the ocean.

On our way out we saw a group of ladies walking down a path and we decided to follow them to see what was down there. They were all taking turns touching a rock and taking pictures with it. They wanted us to do it too, so we got our picture with this rock having no idea why the rock is important. Anyone on Okinawa know what this rock is for?


Jessica Simmons said...

Fertility? Haha. I don't know.

Mary Rogers said...

Awesome! Were the cookies and gelato sweet?

Dawn Hudson said...

I agree with Jessica!! You were rubbing the baby rock. he he he

It's nice to see another blogger here on Okinawa.