Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zipping Over the Trees

This has been a beautiful winter! Lots of sun, blue skys and temps in the 60-70s. This gorgeous weather makes it so easy to get out and enjoy the fun things Okinawa has to offer. Something we've been wanting to do for a while is Forest Adventure Park and we got a perfect day for it. Not too cold, not too hot, sunny and perfect.

We made reservations and headed out to go ziplining. We found the office no problem, read the rules, signed our lives away, paid Y3,500 and drove over to a back parking lot where a shuttle picked us up and drove us up to the actual park.

It dropped us off and we walked up a pretty tree lined path to the lodge where they quickly and aggressively strapped us into our harnesses.

Then we were directed to the demo area where we were explained how to zipline in rapid fire Japanese, which neither of us could understand. The instructor after going on for a few minutes turned to us (the only Americans in the group) and says "clip, clip, go." Ummm awesome.
We each did the mini course and zipline before we were set loose on the course. There were sporadic employees around the course, but generally you were responsible for getting yourself around and hooking yourself to the ziplines.
Yes, I was nervous. But, it was thrilling and exciting. The course was challenging with the ladders, rope nets and obstacles. You're always connected to something the whole time, and you have a safety line too, so it was pretty safe if you follow the rules and instructions. Even though you know your connected to the line twice, and you're in your super tight harness, I still got that scared feeling kicking off of the platforms, flying over the tree tops high above the ground and especially on the landing when you careen full speed into the ground.

The course is pretty long! Half way through they have a tent and tables set up where you can enjoy a free soda they provide.
We had a total blast. This Tarzan Swing requires you to jump off a high platform, free fall for a few moments before you are zipped super fast into a cargo net where you have to catch on and climb over to a platform. Ummm jump off and free fall? This part of the course was the only time when I felt truly nervous. Yes I did it. No, I had no desire to do this swing again. Here is the video of Brad doing this swing:

Forest Adventure Park provides exhilarating fun while seeing beautiful ocean views from a 131 foot high zipline. The park also aims to re-build forest and create an eco-park in harmony with nature. This place rocks.

After our forest adventure we had a seaside picnic and enjoyed our lunch next to the remarkable blue green water.
Quite a nice way to enjoy our "winter!"

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Mary Rogers said...

Holy crap that place looks like So. Much. Fun!