Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flowers on a Shoestring

I love having fresh flowers in the house. Something I must have picked up from my mom who likes having fresh flowers from the garden in every room. I love flowers, as you all probably know by now. My favorite are sunflowers and now they also remind me of my wedding day. There is a fabulous little flower shop off of 81 that is packed full of fresh flower wonderfulness and has the nicest Japanese lady who works there named Miko. At this shop men always get a 30% discount and if you bring your receipt from last time you get 10% off. Even without the discount these flowers were a bargain. This shop is well hidden on 81, but if you can find it you'll be happy you did.

I got a large bouquet of sunflowers and purple mums(?). So very fall (I got these before Thanksgiving). The whole thing only cost be about $13. A picture of the store front is below, the sign is in Japanese. Just look for the red awning!

These beauties lasted well over a week. So pretty!

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