Sunday, December 19, 2010

Growing up so fast

Happy Birthday to my little spiky monster, lil goji berry boy. Gojou is 2 months old today. And boohoo he is growing up so fast. I swear he gets bigger by the day.


Becca said...

shut have a hedgehog??!
Unbelievable cuteness :)
How on earth did you you acquire a hedgehog??
What are they like??
I love this pic! It's like, Mom, do I really have to be in the bowl of ornaments?! :) So sweet.

Eve said...

Haha yes! I have a hegdie. I got him from a petstore here on Okinawa called Petbox, but most states let you have them as pets as well. My hedgie is still quite a baby, so his personality is still developing, at least I hope so because he mostly sleeps all the time and is very grumpy when I wake him up lol! And yes, he wasn't too thrilled about the picture, you can see it right on his face, he's very expressive. He just melts my heart, he's my lil joy!