Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Packing dilemma

I've got my products all organized in labeled mini bottles, my (just purchased today) mini travel hair straightener is ready to go, I've slathered my pale winter skin with sunless tanner, charged up the camera, dvd player, and iPod, I've pulled out my suitcase, but nothing has made it into my suitcase yet. What a slacker. And procrastinator! I'm currently typing this with two different black high heels on because I can't decide which one. I'm a horrible packer. Chronic over analyzer and therefore over packer who wants to be prepared in the perfect, comfortable outfit for anything the trip may throw my way. But, my suitcase is only so big and my husbands patience is only so strong, so it's time to stop staring into my closet and pick something already. We leave in the morning! I'm beyond excited, even though the forecast is calling for things in the rain department, it's summer there! It feels so weird to be packing summer things for a Christmas trip. Lil Gojou is currently asleep in my sweatshirt on the bed, and that's what I want to be doing at some point tonight, so ... here's the question: What are your travel must haves? What are the things that always find themselves in your suitcase or carry on?

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tootie said...

Have a wonderful trip!

The only thing I've found helpful in packing is trying to keep everything in the same color scheme (either blacks or neutrals), so that I can mix and match, if needed. Good luck! :)