Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Carb and Calorie Fest

Ahh yes, I've been seriously slacking on the blog posts lately. So, that means I have a backlog of fun things to talk about. Brad is once again off on a short trip, so hopefully this weekend I can get caught up on a bunch of things like finishing my Christmas shopping and getting the packages mailed off by Dec 6 (it's the last day priority will be able to get stuff there by Christmas), and write up my Christmas cards. It's getting nice and cool outside and it just makes me want to curl up by the tree with a cup of cocoa. We decorated last weekend and the apartment is nice and festive. We had to get a fake tree and it's just not the same. I bought some holiday candles to make the house smell like we have a real tree. Even Gojou gets a little mini tree on his cage.

Ok so on to the carb and calorie fest part...

Who doesn't just love a bakery?! Well, I haven't been to one since we've moved here and that's probably a good thing for my thighs, but Brad was craving french toast and required fresh bakery bread. So, we visited this bakery near our apartment and were pleasantly surprised! This little shop that goodies galore and smelled like a lil piece of heaven. We had fun trying to figure out what each thing was and picking out things to try. They had perfect bread to make french toast as well.

We headed across the street to Tropical Beach to have a pastry picnic. Just take a look at our spread!

Our favorite was a flaky, puff pastry with pear and sweet cream. Ahhhh heaven in my mouth! Japanese pastry is definitely different from the US. You know that greasy feel you get on your fingers and mouth? Nope, didn't get any of that with any of these. And they just aren't as sweet. Should that make me feel less guilty?

This was really just the perfect picnic spot and I enjoyed every second!

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