Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okinawa has yet another typhoon coming it's way. Hopefully this typhoon will be as uneventful as the last 2. However, the typhoon is bringing lots of clouds, wind and rain. Total bummer.

Lessons were totally cancelled today and most probably will be tomorrow as well. I went to the barn for a little while and gave Woods a nice hot bath and hung out with the horses for a little while before being wet and wind blown and the thought of my nice comfy apartment drew me away.

Driving home in the rain, wet and cold I decided I would make chili. There is just something so comforting about a nice hot bowl of chili on a rainy day. (Of course, since Brad is still away I will be having quite a few bowls of chili since I'll be eating the whole pot myself.) I love this super easy recipe of my mom's. Pretty darn healthy too.

Mom's Chili Recipe:

1 lb. ground turkey (I use turkey, I don't eat beef)
1 onion, chopped
2 cans of light/dark kidney beans, drained
1 green pepper, chopped
2 or 3 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 Tbs. chili powder
1 tsp. cumin
2 bullion cubes
1 large 28 oz. can of whole tomatoes (I cut mine up into chunks)

Brown onion and meat. Dump off any excess fat/liquid. Add beans, green pepper, garlic, spices, bullion and tomatoes. Let simmer for at least 45 min.

I like to eat my chili on brown rice and to top it with light sour cream and low fat cheddar cheese. Of course if Brad were home we'd be having corn bread as well.

So, this rainy and windy night I'll be hunkering down with my delish chili for dinner, a glass of wine and a movie.

What's your favorite rainy day comfort food?

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Julie said...

Hi Eve, I loved the education about horseback riding. Amazing. I would be one of those newbie students who need to feel comfortable just sitting on the horse or patting them. I'm envious of your ability to ride for fun and to also be focused with a clear mind while you're riding. What a wonderful feeling.
I just bought a big bag of beans and have decided to make your mom's recipe tomorrow night. No cornbread for me either, but over rice with the toppings sounds wonderful. I'm going to start a fire, eat my homemade chili, think about you and your sweet family and watch a movie with Mike. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself so willingly. Such a gift you give sweet daughter-in-law. Can't wait for Brad to get home to you.