Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simple Happiness

I love flowers. Flowers make me happy. So, this past week I went out to the Japanese DIY store, Makeman, and bought some new pretty flowers for my balcony. The weather is finally turning less hideous outside and I am actually able to sit outside and not melt instantly. A few of my plants that I originally bought shriveled up and died in the summer heat, including my herbs, but the herbs have made a comeback and are once again growing. I waited to see if some of the flowers would come back, but no such luck. At Makeman I bought 3 new pots (they had sunflowers on them and I couldn't resist), 4 pots of flowers and a pretty purple Thai basil plant.

Turned out pretty nice, no? Plus, this time of year the balcony gets a lot of sun in the late mornings, early afternoons. Perfect time to sit and enjoy a book and a cup of coffee.

This week I also have 2 bunches of flowers inside. Both include a sunflower, my favorite happy sunny flower.


armywife_b2010 said...

Very Pretty Flowers :)

PS. New follower

Kate said...

They look beautiful - nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up your life! I was tempted to buy some for my room the other day but was afraid my roommate's dogs would eat them. Welcome to my life. You totally spoiled me... I miiiiiiss my roommaaaaate!

Mary Rogers said...

I LOVE your balcony! I would spend as much time as possible out there too. Glad the weather has finally broken a little.

Becca said...

Looks like a great spot for a potted herb garden! One cool trick for a potted garden is to fill the bottoms of the pots with sand and add the topsoil as a top layer for extra drainage :)

Beautiful photos, as always!