Monday, October 25, 2010


This past Saturday was such a beautiful day I decided that I just had to go venture out somewhere. I decided to go see the famous elephant nose rock at Manzamo Point. (I got directions from here.)

The drive was very easy, straight up 58 and had some very nice scenic views as well as a nice stretch of palm trees lining the road.

The parking lot was lined with vendors selling all sorts of things.

There were hoards of Japanese people touring Manzamo on Saturday. It's a very popular spot. A paved path takes you around to see the Elephant Nose Rock and some very pretty views.

According to this website: "The name Manzamo stems from the original Okinawan Hogen dialect, meaning ‘big enough for 10,000 men to sit on this field by the cliffs.’ It’s true, as 10,000 people can sit there, as referred to in historical accounts of Okinawan songs and literature. Historically, Yoshia Chiru, and young Okinawan poet, is said to have felt the special inspiration necessary to write a poem for the then-Ryukyuan king. Her writing style has been praised as valuable to Okinawan literature and history as haiku is to mainland Japan, and a monument has been erected at Manzamo to pay homage to her contributions to Okinawan culture."


LCPL Smith's Babe said...

Oh My! Its' so beautiful there!!
I never thought I'd want to live in Japan, but if we ever get stationed there I guess it wouldn't be too bad with scenery like this.

Eve said...

LCPL - Yes, it is so beautiful! Sometimes I feel like I'm just on a really long vacation.

Julie said...

So glad you got out and about while Brad was gone. What a treat! The drive there was beautiful, and all of the scenery is divine. It is truly a magical paradise. So much different from when we were there. I don't remember any of this being this clean, pure and pretty. I am sure there are some not so great places, but I'm glad you have so many lovely places to visit. Must be inspiring to artists. Continue enjoying your vacation!