Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hunter/Jumper Fun

This blog has been taken over by horses... well, so has my entire life it seems! Getting ready for, organizing and completely planing a show in just 2 months has been a huge undertaking. I have really enjoyed working on it and have learned a lot in the process.

A week after the dressage clinic I mentioned earlier we had a hunter/jumper clinic to help the riders prepare for the show. There was a discussion portion where we provided information and handouts followed by hunter equitation practice, jumping practice and we finished up the day with a game.

Me, the owners daughter Erina, Yama the Japanese instructor, Madie, Gina and Kayla.

Me with my student

Love seeing those smiles!
Lining up for jumping

Playing the game
The whole group!

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Mary said...

You are doing amazing work with those girls and horses! Keep it up my Dear. :)