Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show Day

The long awaited day finally came and went. Yes, the horse show was Saturday! I have a huge new respect for the people responsible for organizing, coordinating and pulling off huge, beautiful horse shows in the states. This wasn't a huge show at a huge show barn, but still, it was a huge undertaking and a big learning experience. I have never put together a show before, from scratch, and knew it would be a lot of work, but had no idea the amount of work that was really required. I began planning this show two months out and it was non stop show planning since. Not only was there show planning, but there was grounds maintenance, training and teaching on top of that. I love my job. There is no doubt about that and I loved this process, enjoyed it thoroughly and am so grateful for this opportunity.
So here it is: Mihara Fall Horse Show!

The morning of the show it was pouring down rain. But it stopped and we only started an hour late. Prize Table
I love fall! Jump courses posted
Handing out show numbers Japanese singer singing the American and Japanese anthems at the Opening Ceremony Dressage Tests Dressage Class results Girls watching from the upstairs deck Warm up area Instructors Potluck lunch on the upstairs deck Worked really hard to get this area fixed up! Yama, the Japanese instructor, and Rocky do a freestyle

Japanese dressage rider I LOVE my students!
Japanese Quadrille Team

Hunter class lines up for the judgesSpectators, very good turn out!

Hunter class
Jumping! I love the new jumps we made. New MHC jump below.
Flower box jump with fall flowers
Gate jump with fall maple leaves
Surprise thank you flowers from amazing mom, Lee Ann! I got a little emotional.
Me and my student Hope, she did so well!
Ta-da! Show day complete!


lo said...

AH EVE! The show looks amazing! you look like you are totally in your element and I am so glad you were able to find something that incorporates all your talents. You are by far the prettiest pony-o teacher I have ever seen!

Mary Rogers said...

Congratulations again Sweetie! Everything looks so well put-together from start to finish. You deserve that time off!