Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cape Zanpa

In the spirit of enjoying "the week of me" I set out to do some exploring. Some friends had told me about a lighthouse on the coast and despite the clouds and rain showers (what are umbrellas for) I decided to go check it out. I picked this place 1) because I hadn't been there before, 2) because I love lighthouses and they remind me of summers on the Maine coast, 3) and very importantly, the directions to get there seemed impossible for even me to mess up (I used directions from here). So, I grabbed my umbrella, packed a few things for a picnic lunch, and my camera of course and set off. I tried not to be too worried about the downpour of rain as I was driving out to Cape Zanpa and as it turned out I really didn't have anything to worry about because when I arrived the rain had stopped and some blue sky was even peaking through the clouds. This place is so easy to find. I got there with no problem and found the lighthouse very easily.

I went over to the lighthouse first. I paid Y200 to go inside the museum on the lower level and then climb up the very steep stairs up to the top. Phew, what a view! I was already a bit out of breath from the climb, but I'm pretty sure the view took my breath away. It was extremely windy up there. I had to really hang on to my sunglasses, camera and items in my purse!

Here is a video of the view from the top:

It was so beautiful up there. I could have sat and watched the fisherman and the waves crash on the rocks for hours.

I made my way down and walked around for a while. I walked on the rocks a little bit, but with the wind and the waves splashing up I kept my distance. Even so, the sea spray got me a few times.

There was a little zoo with goats, turtles and bunnies. So cute! There was a little baby goat I wanted to take home with me. I also really loved the shaggy dog, long haired goats with the crazy horns.

Next I walked across the street and followed a little path down to a mini version of the lighthouse side. It was a beautiful, peaceful and totally deserted little beach area. I did stay here for quite a while enjoying the sound of the waves and the solitude. I loved this spot.


Kate said...

you are turning into such a little photographer! LOVE this place, it looks really special. So glad you're making the most of your week of you. :)

Mary Rogers said...

Agree completely with Kate -- your photos are continually incredible. You deserved this Week of You like whoa, and from the looks of things you didn't waste a minute!