Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tropical Beach

After the horse show the instructors and the horses are taking a week off to recover and relax. And I am doing just that. I've been taking naps, reading books, watching movies and catching up on all the little things I've been meaning to do. I even started my Christmas shopping and treated myself to a massage.

On Monday I went down the street to check out Tropical Beach. I had seen the sign while going to the Y100 store and have been meaning to stop by since the beach is so close to our apartment. Monday also happened to be Sports Day, a Japanese holiday. So, the beach was buzzing with bar-b-q parties and different sports programs celebrating. The beach was very busy, I'll have to go back on a non holiday to see what it is normally like. This definitely wasn't a quiet, secluded Okinawa beach, but it was beautiful and it is very nice to have a sandy spot without having a long drive involved.

The beach:

Sports Day Festivities:

I love Japanese drink vending machines! CC Lemon is delish lightly carbonated lemonade and claims to have 70 lemons in it.

Edit - I forgot to put this picture in the first time. I really don't know how I could forget this amazingly funny picture. Only in Japan is this a totally acceptable beach outfit. Face shield and all!

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Mary Rogers said...

Beautiful beach. Did you use your portable tripod thingy to get that shot of you halfway down?