Monday, February 21, 2011


This weekend was mostly spent hanging out at home and enjoying each others company. Enjoying each others company as in playing the Kinect. We've spent a small fortune on Kinect games the past few days. We've had a blast doing the sports and fitness games and yesterday Brad bought me Zumba! I lovelovelove Zumba and it is a super fun workout that burns lots of calories.

We did get out for a bit to check out the Okinawa Zoo. Most people have told me not to go to the zoo here. The animals have small, bare enclosures and don't have the quality of life the animals in the big US zoo's do. But, recently I saw and ad saying that there were slow loris at this zoo and I immediately wanted to go.

I've been totally obsessed with slow loris ever since I saw the Slow Loris Loves Tickles video years ago. Unfortunately we only saw one Slow Loris and it was curled up on a branch asleep. It reminded me of a little koala.

Even though we didn't get to see the Slow Loris do anything there were a ton of other animals to see. We saw bats, monkeys, big cats, hippos, a giant ant eater, pigs, giraffes, goats, ponies, an elephant, reptiles and amphibians, kangaroos and tons of different animals. The zoo was chock full and pretty expansive. The enclosures were definitely not very nice and a quite a few different times we were overwhelmed with the smell of the animals and their excrement, but considering how Okinawa is, the zoo was pretty good. Check out the sign on the lions cage. They get so mad they pee on people... poor lions. Brad got totally grossed out watching the hippos eat, it was pretty funny. I felt especially bad for the monkeys/apes/chips that just stare into your soul with their eyes. They had a lot!

The zoo also had a small petting zoo. I went gahgah over the baby chicks. Ummmm total love fest over these lil babies. They also had a super fluffy bunny, turtles and goats.

There happened to be a flower festival going on at the zoo too! There were so many flowers and they were super pretty.

The zoo made for a nice afternoon! Oh how I love animals!


Aliya said...

soooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwwwwww, hahahah... i miss you!

Mary Rogers said...

Hooray animals! The monkeys do look kind of sad though, poor things. :(