Friday, February 4, 2011

Together Again

After 4 weeks Brad and I have been reunited once again. It may have been pouring down rain, but you better believe I was out there on that flight line watching my love come home to me. I love when he comes home. I always make sure I have his favorite foods and plan to make the meals he likes, I make sure the house is nice and clean and I have a blast dolling myself up for our reunion.
Every time I see his plane come into view I get butterflies and when his plane touches ground my heart leaps knowing hes close to me again and when he walks towards me on the flight line I fall in love all over again.
So happy he's home!


The Mrs. said...

i too get butterflies when I see a c-130 : ) but I'm a fan of the legacy models not those pesky j's. then again I'm bias.

enjoy your time together!

Jessi said...

YAY! Love your blog, Eve! and Gouju! My roommate and I have decided we need a baby hedgehog! Happy reunion!