Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gojou - 4 months

Gojou recently had his 4 month birthday! Little baby is growing a lot, eating a lot and loves playing on his giant wheel. He is a lot less grumpy and he's hurting my feelings less because all I want to do is love him and squeeze him! He hardly puts his quills up at all anymore, except for around his face. I'm slowly getting him to accept my love!

He goes on his back much easier and sometimes will allow me to pet his tummy. He is still not a huge fan of baths or food other than his ferret food and mealworms. Some days he is sweet as can be and he totally melts my heart. Others days he just wants to be left alone, but I bribe him to be nice with mealworms. Gojou does not like the camera, the sounds it makes and hates the flash most of all. So, I don't like to bother him with it too often, but I did get these pictures last night. He's hilarious, endless entertainment. I love him!!

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Nancy said...

I so want a hedgehog now! I told my husband and he just looked at me strangely. We do have a big dog so a hedgehog is probably not in the cards. :( I will just have to enjoy the picture of Gojou. :)