Thursday, February 3, 2011

Table for One

Hubs has been gone for 4 weeks and will be gone for a lot of this year. So is the life of a MilWife. I honestly usually really enjoy the first week he's away. It kind of makes me guilty to say this, but I enjoy having my me time, having the whole bed to myself, and doing what I want when I want to do it (aka staying up until 2am reading in bed with the light on) and not having to plan meals. Well, I don't have to plan the meals, but I enjoy doing it and like having having a nice dinner together after our busy days. However, it is nice to just have cereal for dinner once in a while which is usually what I eat for the first week Brad's gone. After the first week however I'm usually craving something hot, green or with more protein. And craving having my husband back.

Some of my easy go-to dinners that I always have when Brad's gone (excluding cereal) are turkey meatloaf and "healthy" spaghetti with turkey meatballs and spinach. I can eat both of these things for a whole week each. I'm not one of those people who hate eating the same thing day after day. (I pretty much lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in college and I still love them.) Last time he was away I made a pot of turkey chili. Do you sense a theme here? Yes, I use lean ground turkey a lot. Since I don't eat beef, pork or any animals other than turkey and chicken ground turkey is where it's at for me.

I also really have a thing for turkey kielbasa and perogies. I love processed meat. Yes I admit it, I'm totally guilty. I love turkey peperoni, turkey sausage and turkey bacon. I really have to make myself avoid it because a) it's super processed, b) it's full of nitrates and c) because I would rather avoid things thought to give you cancer (but seriously, what doesn't these days).

When Brad's gone I also treat myself to quick, easy dinners that don't involve a lot of dishes to clean up, like Amy's organic frozen pizza. My fav is Amy's spinach pizza. Yum. I'm a huge fan of Amy's organics. I love the frozen dinners, soups, snacks and desserts. The commissary doesn't carry very much of it over here, but I'm super happy they have my fav pizza. I also love Amy's canned pea soup, but sadly they don't have it over here.

I make smoothies and salads to cram in my fruit and veggie requirements. I'm putting my early college days experience of working at a smoothie shop to good use these days. Since the fruit over here is pretty expensive and rarely organic (if ever) I buy the frozen bags of organic fruit, perfect for smoothies.

Did you know that all chicken products are frozen over here? Yeah, it stinks. I really don't like frozen chicken I think it tastes weird and it's tougher or something. Maybe I just don't like that it doesn't seem fresh. I have not eaten a whole lot of meat over here, and for me that's not a lot to start out with. I miss my fresh, free range, veg fed, organic "happy" chickens. I miss Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and the amazing HEB in Texas. However, I was thrilled to find a bag of frozen organic chicken breasts at the Kadena commissary not too long ago. At least there's that. I can get organic milk and bread, even yogurt, but something I really wish the commissary would get on board about are the organic eggs.

Why is it that my will power disappears around 10pm? I've always been a dessert person. Unfortunately, since being a child I've been known to say "there's always room for dessert." I have the sweet tooth of a 450 lbs obese person. Becoming diabetic would be so horrible for me. I do let my self have dessert, but try and keep it under control. Some of my favorites currently are the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and No Pudge brownies. The No Pudge brownies are delish and plus you get a serious arm work out mixing up the batter. You only put in a little yogurt, so the batter is super think and hard to mix.

So, after 4 weeks of my weird eating I'm more than ready to start cooking up yummy, healthy meals and enjoying them slowly together at the table rather than standing in the kitchen or sitting on the couch with the tv on.

But, since he'll be gone again in just a few weeks, what are a few of your favorite quick, easy meals?

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Mary Rogers said...

You don't even want to know about what *I* consider a quick and easy meal. I would horrify you.

Crackers and cheese come to mind. :)