Thursday, February 24, 2011


LBD... Little Black Dress. Everyone needs one right? I think I may be treating myself to this pretty little number. It's on sale too! Ahhh BCBG, you sure know how to make a dress. Classy, flattering and so detailed. Love.

As I briefly mentioned before, I have a total love for BCBG dresses. This was started by my husband when he bought me my first BCBG dress for our rehearsal dinner. If I had the love of these dresses then that I do now I would have gotten married in a BCBG for sure.

Here is my first love, my rehearsal dinner dress. This still is my fav BCBG ever... probably my favorite dress ever. I got a beautiful BCBG for Brad's winging. It's so classy, versatile and I always feel like a million bucks in it, it's so flattering. Weird I don't have a better picture of it!

BCBG dress I wore to the Cherry Point USMC ball in 2009. I loved every second I got to wear this dress. I have yet to wear it again, but I look forward to it.

And the BCBG Brad gave me for my birthday last year. And the BCBG shoes he got me to go with it. I'm so glad I'm a girl and get to wear pretty dresses and shoes! Thank goodness for BCBG dresses.


Aliya said...

LOOOOVE that LBD!!! I want!! Too bad they don't make them in momma sizes :(

Becca said...

Oh! You know, I am so not a girlie-girl, and I rarely wear dresses, but this post may have been just the inspiration I need to treat myself to a makeover...My baby boy is 3months old, husband just back from deployment, back to my pre-preggo weight...yep, I think I am going to do it. LBD, here I come!!

p.s. - You look amazing in the birthday dress! I love it.

Nancy said...

I LOVE BCBG too! In Gotemba, near Mt. Fuji- there is an outlet mall with a BCBG store. I just visited a couple of weeks ago, love that store. So if you ever come to the mainland... :)