Monday, February 7, 2011

A Very Pink Post

It is cherry blossom season here in Okinawa. Up north the streets are literally lined with fluffy, pink cherry trees blooming in all their splendor. This weekend Brad and I went up to Nago to see these Japanese wonders and weren't disappointed. On the drive up I would frequently point out the window and say loud and fast "there's a cherry tree!" or "cherry blossoms!" to a point where a lesser man would have told me to shut it. They became so numerous up north that my exclamations quickly turned into a simple "ooooooh" or "oh they are so pretty I might die." Pink literally covered mountain sides and branches covered in blooms created canopies over the roads.

Our first stop was Nago Castle and by the hoards of people and lack of parking we knew we had come to a good spot. This castle is free and totally gorgeous in cherry blossom season. There are a bunch of steps you have to walk up and the sides are lined with cherry trees. The walk up leads to a temple and the castle ruins and more cherry blossoms. We explored and then sat on a bench looking down at the fabulous view of the stairs, cherry trees and out to the ocean beyond. We sat in the sun and watched the birds in the blossoms above us, just perfect.

From Nago Castle, we made a stop across the street at the Orion Beer Factory. We wanted to take the tour, but it is currently under construction, so we only could go up for a tasting. The non-driver is given a beer while the driver gets a non alcoholic beverage of their choice and we both got some beer nuts. This is by the way, totally free. Brad, being sweet as can be, let me have the Orion since he knows it's a beer I actually really like, and he opted for a cherry juice drink.

Remember how I recently went to Nakijin-jo? Well, since I went without Brad last time I really wanted to show him this awesome castle. And, I knew that this time around the cherry blossoms would be in full swing. I'm so glad I went back. These were some of the prettiest cherry trees I've seen here.

We went home and finished off the nice day with a bottle of champagne, a good dinner and watched a movie with hedgie. What a fabulous day. Monday morning we got up bright and early to watch the Superbowl live at our friends house through her slingbox. The Marines actually got the day off to watch the Superbowl! Since the game started at 8am our time we all made breakfast foods for the party, so fun. I'm not a football fan, but I had a great time watching the commercials and hangin' with friends. So happy Brad is home. Life is grand!


Mary Rogers said...

Your pictures are, as always, amazing. Another incredible Oki memory, in the books.

French Lover said...

I was in Tokyo for "sakura" season back in 2009. It was so pretty.. I miss Japan !