Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can't Get Enough

Last night I gave Gojou a mealworm treat for the first time. Hedgies love mealworms, so I knew he'd be really excited. Since he's never had one before he wasn't interested right away, but once he figured out what it was he loved them. I gave them to him again tonight and he was really excited! As a side note, mealworms are super disgusting and it shows how much I adore my hedgie since I allow these things into my house. Bleh.

Here are some new pictures of my hedgie lovey. He is 3+ months old now. One of my favorite things he does, other than roll up into a ball, is yawn! His yawns are adorable (bottom right picture). I need to get a good one on video sometime. Obsessed.

1 comment:

Mary Rogers said...

Mealworms = retch.

You do love Gojou a LOT.